Digitalisation opens the door to enhanced plant performance

Depletion of mineral deposits creates a profitability and productivity challenge, forcing industry leaders to develop innovative solutions.

Digitalization itself cannot mine the ores, but digging into data and using new technologies is the opportunity to mine smarter and increase productivity.

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Take advantage of digitalisation and optimise your mine performance

We are at the brink of a new standard for enhancing productivity in mining operations, and its arrival comes not a second too soon.

With the world’s increasing hunger for minerals alongside resource scarcity, you must dig deeper and in more remote areas to meet this need.

Optimising your process has never been more crucial to the productivity and bottom line of your mining operation.

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The interconnectivity of technologies enabled by Internet as well as data collection and analysis are rapidly developing across the world and across industries. Born from a necessity to improve the mining processes, these technological tools are now ready to benefit the mining industry as well. As of yet, an estimation of only 5% of mining operations make use of the IoT, as well as only a 1% usage of all data collected in the mining industry. Our understanding of for example the resource base then comes from only applying 1% of the knowledge available to us. Imagine the strides we could make if we made use of all the valuable data.E:\MINECO\WEBSITE_MINECO\6_ENGINEERING SERVICES_02 pages\Process Optimisation\Capture2.JPG

How Internet of Things can optimise your productivity 

The interconnectivity can be used to affect three factors in your mining operation: process optimisation (quality and throughput), maintenance strategies and utility consumption. Understanding the advanced sensing and the data analytics allows plant managers to make good decisions about balancing operations. Equipment may need to be pushed harder in order to meet quotas, but can also be slowed down if necessary.

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As an example, you might have a crusher where the sensor data indicates that the mantle has been worn down to a certain level. The system could then adjust the opening and operation of the crusher to maintain the desired particle size, despite the machine being somewhat worn.

Simply put, a process control system can measure and assess a large number of parameters and their interdependencies within mere seconds, far superior to anything that could be done manually. Adjustments and optimisations done in real time allows for the increase in production, lower energy consumption, reduced wear and tear to name a few. The system also allows for predictive maintenance, meaning you can avoid unexpected downtime and maintenance costs. If implemented properly, the whole mining operation can be optimised creating a big potential for you and your bottom line.

Data – the resource with the highest potential? 

If it does not already, proper data analysis will play a crucial role for your mining operation and its productivity in the future. With increasing resource demands, as well as scarcity of minerals, players in the mining industry are forced to adopt new solutions, if they wish to survive and continue to meet demands. Digital innovations, providing knowledge about everything from the resource base to real-time performance of equipment, will increase your productivity.

An example of how to reap the benefits of data analysis is the PlantLine™ Service Agreement, which is a partnership between you as our customer and us. With the agreement, plant performance is proactively optimised through remote, continuous monitoring and adjustments to various parameters on the equipment.

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PlantLine is a combination of online support, on site support and training of personnel. Issues can be resolved quickly and for the most part remotely. If a solution requires on site support, the problem can almost always be diagnosed online, meaning shorter wait times for a person to show up with the right equipment.

At FLSmidth, we work hard to lead this technological innovation and constantly seek new ways to enhance your productivity through digitalisation of equipment across the flow-sheet. Together, we can create the most possible value from digitalisation and your mining operations.

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