Belt Conveyor offers safe mechanical conveying of materials

Our In-Plant Belt Conveyor solution is an easy to operate and maintain mechanical conveying system. Designed with safety at top of mind, easily accessible maintenance parts and a dynamic rock box deliver trouble-free mechanical conveying of materials.


Ensure safe mechanical conveying with our In-Plant Belt Conveyors

Our In-Plant Belt Conveyor offers safe mechanical conveying for the cement industry and is built to handle sticky and highly-abrasive materials. We provide a solution that minimises blockages and liner wear while extending the life of the belt and other major components.

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Sometimes, the only way to go is up. Mechanical conveying systems can get you there, but what about the dust? The maintenance? The Airlift™ vertical pneumatic conveying system is a clean, safe and low-maintenance option that can transport material to heights of more than 100 m at rates of up to 1000 t/h.

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Tailored to your application

• The cylindrical part of the Airlift™ housing is available in different stepless heights depending on the bulk material to be conveyed, the desired conveying capacity and lifting height.

• The Airlift™ can be equipped with fluidisation fabric for bulk material temperatures of up to 300°C and wear-resistant lining for highly abrasive materials.

• The bulk material can be fed into the upper cylindrical part of the elevator housing vertically or from the side.

The Airlift™ System is suitable for materials that can be fluidized by aeration without segregation, such as:

• Cement, Raw meal, Alumina, Copper concentrate

• Fly ash, Copper flue dust, Fluid coke, Catalyst

• Limestone, Sand, Slag dust

The minimum capacity is approximately 1 t/h on a continuous basis, while capacities of 1000 t/h and lifting heights of up to 100 m can be achieved.

Airlift™ systems are custom-engineered for each application – the limits of capacities and lifting heights are a matter of design. And with more than 300 references around the world, we have the experience to design to your requirements.


Low-maintenance, low-energy fluidized conveying of dry bulk materials

FLSmidth’s Airslide fluidized conveying systems harness the power of gravity, giving you a system that is low maintenance, high efficiency and high performance. Through effective fluidization technology, throughputs of more than 2000 m3/h are possible with very low energy consumption.

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Typical Airslide Conveyor Applications include:

• Distribution from bucket elevators to storage silos

• Gathering under baghouses / precipitators

• Feed to process

• Feed to other conveyors

• Loadout from bulk silos to trucks, railcars or barges

• In-plant conveying

• Storage silo / bin withdrawal


Our Drag Chain Conveyors reliably transport bulk materials with efficiency

Our Drag Chain Conveyors offer quick and efficient enclosed transport of powdery, floccose, grained and coagulative bulk materials. They can be designed as watertight, dust-proof, pressure-tight and explosion-proof in accordance with current ATEX norms.

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Bulk materials able to be transported in the Drag Chain Conveyor includes:

• coal, sorted domestic waste, sewage sludge

• filter dust, fly ash, wood chips and wood dust

• refuse-derived fuel (RDF), solid recovered fuel (SRF)

• cement, clinker, limestone, biomass, alternative fuels and many others.


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